Haapsalu ir Švedijos pakrantės kaimai.

Atkarpa 49. Uuemõisa - Elbiku.

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Uuemõisa Manor and Park

Mentioned for the first time in the historical writings in 1539. The building was reconstructed in 1920 and currently there is an elementary school located there.

Kirimäe Peninsula Birdwatching Tower (Kirimäe poolsaare linnuvaatlustorn)

Gives a fantastic view of Saunja Bay (Saunja lahele) and the surrounding coastal meadows. During spring and autumn you can observe thousands of waterbirds resting here.

N Silma Nature Reserve (Silma looduskaitseala) and Saunja Learning Pathway (Saunja õpperada), 1.2 km

The learning pathway goes through a pine forest and junipers until it reaches the Saunja Sightseeing Tower located on the coastline of the bay.

Räägu Manor House (Räägu mõis)

The master’s house is made of wood (built in 1835). The granary, mill and some auxiliary buildings have survived until nowadays. A cemetery and commemorative stone to those killed during World War II is located in the yard of the manor. Currently the Oru Old People’s Home is located here.

N Salajõe Sinkhole (Salajõe karstiala)

The largest sinkhole in the Leene district is approximately 600 meters long and 100 meters wide. This is the place where the Salajegi river, which flows into Haapsalu bay, flows underground for approximately 1.5 km.

Salaje Manor House Ruins (Salajõe mõisa varemed)

A majority of the stone wall and the socle part arches is still preserved until nowadays.