Matsalu nacionalinis parkas ir Vakarų Estijos salos.

Atkarpa 45. Penijõe - Laiküla.

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Cloister Manor Ruins (Kloostri mŏisa varemed)

Lihula cloister medieval manor ruins.

The Cloister birdwatching tower and the Kasari river flood-lands

You can see the river flood-lands from the sightseeing tower located on the left bank of the Kasari river; here the migrating birds rest during the spring flood period.

Kirbla Church (Kirbla kirik)

The Kirbla Niklav church, built in Southern Estonia in the 16th century in late gothic style, is one of the smallest churches in Estonia.

The Kirbla steep bank and the commemorative stone to honour the bird watcher, professor Eerik Kumari

The commemorative stone for the academician Eerik Kumari born in Kirbla.

The Kasari Old Bridge (Kasari vana sild)

The bridge, paved with land stones and built in 1904, was damaged during World War II; in its time it was the longest concrete bridge in Europe and Russia with a foundation cut from granite blocks.