Matsalu nacionalinis parkas ir Vakarų Estijos salos.

Atkarpa 44. Meelva - Penijõe.

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This was one of the largest and most significant centres of Western Estonia, created at the beginning of the 13th century; several medieval ruins are still preserved here.

Lihula Elizabeth Church (Lihula Eliisabeti kirik)

The church was built in 1876 on the location of the previous church from the 13th century.

Lihula Manor and Museum

Lihula Museum is located in the Lihula Manor House which was founded in the 13th century as the manor of the bishop and the order. It gives insight into the history of the region. +372 4778191

Lihula Castle Ruins (Lihula linnuse varemed)

One of the most unique fortress constructions of the 13th century in the Baltics. The stone castle was built on the location of the ancient Estonian - Saare - Leene bishopric.

Penijõe walking trail (Penijõe matkarada)

This 3.2 - 7 km long walking trail was created in the Matsalu national park to view the reeds, flood lands in the spring, meadows and other habitats.

Penijõe Birdwatching Tower (Penijõe linnuvaatlustorn)

The 8 m high tower offers interesting views across the 3000 hectare wide Kasari river flood lands.

Penijõe Manor and Matsalu National Park visitor centre

The visitor centre located in the manor house built at the beginning of the 17th century and reconstructed in the 19th century will give you great insight about the national park. +372 5138783