Matsalu nacionalinis parkas ir Vakarų Estijos salos.

Atkarpa 43. Kuke - Meelva.

SEE Verta pamatyti

Ranna ranch (Ranna Rantšo)

In this animal park you can see various species of animals and birds, as well as domestic animals - horses, chickens and goats.

Salevere Salumäg Hill and the Eyes spring (Silmaallikas)

The relief’s form was created by the continental glacier and the Baltic ice lake. People believe that the Eyes spring, located at the foot of the hill, has healing properties, especially, if you have eye diseases.

Salevere walking trail (1.5 km)

This walking trail goes for approximately 120 m along a wooden plank-way and partially – along the old castle ruins –, and is a great place to see a diverse deciduous forest which are relatively rarely found in Estonia.

Salevere Salumäe creative workshop (Salevere Salumäe Loovkoda)

The creative centre located in the southern part of Matsalu national park has an Estonian Applied Arts Gallery, souvenir shop, holiday home and camping. +372 5011890