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Atkarpa 26. Carnikava - Saulkrasti.

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N Nature Park Piejūra (Seaside)

There are important protected habitats from Carnikava to the Inčupe River: embryonic dunes, foredunes, water caltrop (Trapa natans L.) in Lake Ummis and coastal dunes covered in old forests.

The White Dune and the Inčupe River

The most beautiful place in this section of the itinerary in terms of landscape.

The Sunset Trail

A scenic trail (3,6 km) for a walk in the dunes, which connects the Inčupe River and the Pēterupe River and where you can see the most beautiful sunsets.

Saulkrasti Bicycle Museum

The only museum in Latvia dedicated to bicycles with unique exhibits. +371 28883160

The Pabaži Dunes and the Pēterupe River

Beautiful scenic places to see panoramic views of the sea and the flow of the Pēterupe River (1 km) in parallel with the sea. You will see some great pines and oddly shaped trees on your way.

The historic center of Pēterupe

The Pēterupe Lutheran Church, the priest’s manor, the town center.