Little wave sea.

Atkarpa 18. Kaltene - Mērsrags.

Praktinė informacija

Length: 24 km

Duration: 8 – 10 h

Start: The Kaltene Lutheran Church

Finish: Mērsrags Tourism information center, 

Itinerary: Kaltene – Valgalciems – Upesgrīva – Mērsrags

Road surface: Near Kaltene and Valgalciems village, there are rocky bays with seaweeds washed ashore, in many places, reeds and seacoast covered in rich vegetation (surpassing the height of a person). When you reach Valgalciems village, there are sandy and rocky beaches, gravel beaches, in places, clay. In the surroundings of Upesgrīva village, the beaches are covered in sand and (fine) gravel. A short section of the road in Mērsrags village is covered in asphalt, further on: coastal meadows (trails).

Difficulty level:  up to Valgalciems village,  from Valgalciems to Mērsrags.

Obstacles: In some places, the beach becomes narrower (when the winds create an inflow of water) , but it can be bypassed. You can wade across the brooks and the Grīva River (a bridge around 0,4 km away from the sea) during low water. In the meadows of Mērsrags, you have to cross a ditch over a plank-way.

Dangerous places: You have to be careful when walking across the rocky beach as the stones can be damp, slippery (overgrown with seaweeds) and can move.

Good to know! Tents can be set up and campfires can be lit only in public rest areas designed for this purpose.

In case of strong NE and E winds, the coast may be awash with waves in some places. Then it is necessary to choose alternative forest trails or coastal roads. A lot of algae is washed ashore and rotting. Suitable (closed, water resistant) footwear is necessary, walking poles are advisable for support. You should avail yourself of binoculars for bird watching.

Alternatives: Between Valgalciems village and Upesgrīva village several trails stretch for ~ 3 km in the forest alongside the sea. For ~ 6 km, Upesgrīva and Mērsrags are connected by a forest road and trails that can be used in case of strong wind.