Tukums ja Ķemeri rahvuspark.

98. päev. Tukums - Jāņukrogs.

SEE Vaatamisväärsused

Tīle stream

The stream is joined by several strong springs, so it is very rich in spring water.

Miķeļakmens or Michael`s rock

A big stone, on which 167 children once stood together.

Āžu kalns or the Mountain of Goats

480-520 m long and about 109 m high mountain. The climb to the mountain is called the Goat Trail. In clear weather, Durbe Castle is visible from the top.

Šlokenbeka Manor and the Latvian Road Museum

One of the few examples of a fortified medieval manor in the Baltics and the only one in Latvia that today serves as a museum, hotel, pub, culture house and library. Tel.: +371 2990414, +371 63182354

H Puhkekompleks “Valguma pasaule”

"Valguma pasaule", Smārdes pagasts, Tukuma novads

+371 29414022, +371 63181222



Smārdes medus (Smārdes honey)

During the tour you can get to know the process of making honey, pollen and bee bread, see the bees, find the queen bee, drones, and buy bee products. Tel.: +371 25167097