Gauja National Park.

Section 7. Cēsis - Caunītes.

ACC CMPAccommodations

Treehouse by Lake Ninieris

Tel: +371 29462628.

H “Caunītes”

Tel: +371 29284119.

Vacation House “Leimaņi”

Tel: +371 22011560.

Accomodations in Cēsis:
Accommodations in Kocēni Municipality:

INF Tourism information

H Cēsis TIC

Cēsis, Baznīcas laukums 1, tel: +371 28318318.

Tourism information in Kocēni Municipality

Kocēni, Alejas iela 8, Tālr.: +371 28644530;

H Zilaiskalns Cultural History and Visitor Center

Zilaiskalns, Parka iela 2, tālr.: +371 28644530;

SRV Other services

Catering in Cēsis:

Shops in Cēsis.

Public transport: Buses between Cēsis and Ērģeļu Cliffs run 3 times per day; and once a day between Cēsis and Rāmnieki. The bus runs between 5–6 times a day between Valmiera and Brieži (the nearest bus stop to “Caunītes” is located at an approximate 3.5 km distance). Route timetables: