Kuldiga and surrounding.

Section 92. Snēpele – Kuldīga.

In the 23 km long section of the Venta valley, which starts at Kaltiķi before Kuldīga and ends at the Abava estuary to the Venta, a nature reserve “Venta Valley” has been founded. It is distinguished by the diversity of different habitats – hillside forests, sandstone and dolomite outcrops and meadows, and the variety of protected plants and animals – insect and bird species, as well as landscapes. In a nature reserve, making campfires and putting up tents is allowed only in places designated and equipped for that purpose.

In this section hikers should beware of Sosnowsky's hogweed (Heracleum sosnovskyi). It is an invasive (imported into Latvia and spread in the wild in many places), 2-4 m high, perennial plant with a huge, cluster-like, white flower and large, juicy leaves. Hogweed should not be touched (including clothing), as its cell juice in contact with the skin, under the influence of ultraviolet (sun) rays, develops tissue damage similar to grade I-III burns. The touch itself is not painful, but the effects are beginning to appear after several hours. In case of minor contact, the affected area can be treated in the same way as in case of burns, but in more severe situations a doctor should be consulted.