Riga and Pieriga.

Section 2. Baltezers - Vangaži.

Baltezers - Vangaži The historic Tērbata road along the banks of Gauja River and lakes

The Forest Trail crosses the VIA Baltica motorway via a tunnel and goes on through a private housing along the Lake Mazais Baltezers. Then it turns east, following the Gauja-Baltezers Canal. In the Garkalne–Āņi section, beautiful meadows stretch on both sides of the Forest Trail, drowning in heaps of blossoming red catchflies, white daisies and yellow buttercups during the summer. Since days of old, medieval roads have ran along the banks of Gauja River, and travellers used the ferry crossing at Iļķene to get across. Beyond Āņi, the Forest Trail passes through forested areas and a populated country area, and finally reaches Vangaži via Gaujas street.