Abava River valley.

Section 96. Kandava – Jaunmokas.

Kandava – Jaunmokas Pūre – a place where chocolate is made

Along Jelgavas street, crossing the old boulder bridge over Abava, the Forest Trail along Daigones street and further along a gravel road leads to the 5 km distant Daigone village, after which it descends along the Dziļkalns–Pūre road (V1464) in the Abava valley. After the bridge over Abava, the Forest Trail turns right and along a small path reaches Pūre. Circling around the Pūre Manor, it stretches for the next 5 km to Galciems along Zemeņu street and Pūre–Jaunsāti (C004) road. Sand and gravel are mined here in the quarries of the region. In Galciems, the Forest Trail turns left onto a small gravel road (C003), which after 3.5 km connects with Jaunmoku–Jaunsāti road (V1444). After another 3 km, the Forest Trail crosses the Rīga–Ventspils highway and reaches Jaunmoku palace along small paths surrounded by tree alleys. Approaching the palace from Jaunsāti, you can see the beautiful wide landscapes around the Forest Trail, where Spārnene, the wavy plain of Austrumkursa, alternates with Vanema hills.