Matsalu national park and the West Estonian islands.

Section 61. Vormsi Island and Kihnu Island.

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INF Tourism information

Haapsalu Tourism Information Centre

15 Karja, +372 4733248

SRV Other services

There is a grocery store in the centre of the island in Hullo village with an ATM where you can take out cash.

Information about ferry traffic: www. Bus traffic is also partially adjusted to the ferry traffic in Sviby Port.

You can find additional information about objects of attraction, accommodation, catering places and transport here: un

Kihnu does not have ATMs but you can pay with payment cards in most of the shops. There are no catering places on the island operating all year long. From September to May please book catering in advance. There are grocery stores in Sääre village.

You can see additional information about attractions on the island, accommodation and catering possibilities, rental of bicycles and events on the website:

Information about ferry traffic: