Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Section 37. Munalaid - Tõstamaa.

SEE Worth seeing

Kavaru sightseeing tower (Kavaru vaatlustorn)

A beautiful view of the seaside meadows and the sea.

Seli Orthodox Church (Seli õigeusu kirik)

This Orthodox church built in 1864 is a non-traditional, strictly ascetic wooden building.

N Tõstamaa Islands Heinlaid and Kivilaid

A beautiful view of the islands with protected flora and fauna.

Tõstamaa village

A populated area with an exciting history and several cultural monuments.

Tõstamaa Maria Lutheran Church (Tõstamaa Maarja luteri kirik)

The pointed tower of the church, built in 1768 from land stones, served as a sign of orientation for sailors for a long time.

Tõstamaa Manor and Museum

A beautifully renovated medieval manor with its colourful history is the most well known attraction in this area. +372 53468635

Tõstamaa walking trail (Tõstamaa matkarada) 5 km

The walking trail is equipped with informative signs indicating the closest attractions.

N Tõstamaa Nature Reserve

Get to know the seaside scenery and its habitats.