Jūrmala and Rīga.

Section 24. Riga City Center - Vecāķi.

SEE Worth seeing

Riga Old Town

The most ancient part of Riga City representing the city center and also a UNESCO site. The most popular tourist destination in Latvia.

Līvu Square

It was built after World War II and contains an 18th century complex of dwelling buildings.

The Freedom Monument

A symbol of the freedom of Latvia that was built in 1935 and financed entirely from public donations. Built to honour the fallen Latvian freedom fighters.

Kronvalds Park

A part of the greeneries on the banks of the Riga Old Town canals covering an area of 11,92 ha.

Alberta iela, the Art Nouveau Museum

Historic Art Nouveau buildings are displayed throughout the whole length of the street.

Stūra māja (The Corner House)

Built in 1911 representing the National Romantic and Art Nouveau styles. Starting in 1940, it housed the headquarters of the Latvian SSR State Security Committee (KGB) also called cheka which carried out interrogations and capital punishments. In 2014, it was turned into a museum. +371 27875692

Dailes Theatre

One of the most ambitious 20th century cultural buildings in Riga and an illustrative example of Soviet Modernist architecture.

The Laima Chocolate Museum

AS Laima was founded in 1925 and represents a flagship of Latvia in the production of chocolate and chocolate candies. +371 66154777

The Riga Brethren Cemetery Memorial Ensemble

The most excellent and important memorial ensemble in Latvia. Inaugurated in 1936.

The Riga Zoo

A garden with a total area of 20 ha with 430 animal species, more than 40 of which are included in the Red Data List. +371 6751840


One of the most beautiful, greenest and most prestigious neighborhoods in Riga that is also a popular rest area.

The Culture palace Ziemeļblāzma

Built in 1913 by the timber industrialist and art patron A. Dombrovskis. Today it is used as a concert hall. +371 20270966

NThe Vecdaugava Nature reserve

A significant territory made to protect open dune meadows and seaside meadows, an important bird nesting site.

The Parabolic dune

A 10 m high and 1 km long sand dune that is around 200 years old.

Vecāķi beach

Volleyball courts and football pitches, kiteboarding on windy days.

The Laima Clock

One of the symbols of Riga built in 1924. The most popular meeting place in Riga.