Jūrmala and Rīga.

Section 23. Bulduri - Riga City Center.

The trail moves along the Bolderāja – Priedaine dune ridge in a short section. It is located south of Buļļupe and north of Kleistie and Spilve meadows. The height of the dune, which is about 10 km long and 1-1.5 km wide, is about 4-10 m. Its highest point rises 27 m above sea level. The steeper slopes of the dune face the Spilve meadows - in the former direction of sand movement. The Bolderājas - Priedaines dune range, which today consists of individual rampart and parabolic dunes, began to form ~ 220 years ago, when the wind blew and moved large masses of sand, which covered the ancient Litorina sea terrace and even individual farms. Today, the dune is covered by gk pine forest.