Great wave sea.

Section 13. Miķeļtornis village – Sīkrags village.

Miķeļtornis village – Sīkrags village Destination – Slītere National Park

Starting from Miķeļtornis up to the turn towards the cable bridge over the Irbe River, a wide beach with low, sparse foredunes lays before your eyes. For ~ 4,5 km, the itinerary goes around the estuary of the Irbe River where a seasonal closure is in force in order to protect nesting birds and where it is forbidden to enter from 01.04. to 1.08. By taking a detour, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route passes through a beautiful pine forest with high dunes the slopes of which are rich with mushrooms and berries. After passing the estuary of the Irbe River and as far as Sīkrags village, you will find a stretch of wide sandy beach and ~ 1 km before reaching Sīkrags you will see the Ķikans brook crossing the beach and marking the border of the Slītere National Park. Also in the territory of Ķikana estuary from 1.04. until 1.08. ~ 600 m long beach and dune section is closed to visitors. During this period, people can cross it along the very shore of the sea without undue delay and keep the dog on a short leash.