Piki Nemunase jõe lookeid.

60. päev. Birštonas – Alksniakiemis.

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Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Birštonas

The church was built in the city of Birštonas in 1909. Style - neo-Gothic. Architect - V. Michnevičius.

Birštonas Museum of Sacral Art

Tel.: +370 31965699

Birštonas museum

Tel.: +370 31965605

Mineral water evaporation tower “Druskupis”

You can enjoy the particularly healthy “sea effect” air. Tel.: +370 31965740

H Nemunas Loops Regional Park Visitors centre

Tylioji str. 1, Birštonas

Võtke ühendust telefonil +370 31965610

Velniabliūdis cognitive path

You can get acquainted with forest and bog habitats, the most typical plants and animals.

Greimų Bridge

 A bridge over the Nemunas, which connects the Dzūkija and Suvalkija parts of Prienai, which are separated by a river.

Statue of Grand Duke Kęstutis

On February 16, 1990, the monument was restored in another place - in the center of Prienai, on the bank of the Nemunas, in front of the bridge over the Nemunas.

Prienai water mill

A brick water mill has survived in the Prienai manor.

Revuona Park

You can relax and enjoy the healing water of the Revuona spring.

Prienai Regional Museum

Tel.: +370 31960379

Christ Revelation Church in Prienai

The church was built in 1750. The building has neo-baroque architectural features.

Beržynas park

Leisure area.

Bird watching area

There are stands on the site about birds living permanently on the islands in the observation deck.