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53. päev. Trikojis – Didžiasalis.

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Taikūnai pine

Protected botanical natural heritage object by Vilkaitis lake. A roof pillar was erected next to the pine, commemorating the partisans of the Mindaugas homeland squadron of the Dainava district's Šarūnas team who died in the former bunker (about 3 m from the pine).

French Mountain

The locals still remember the legends told by their ancestors that Napoleon Bonaparte had stopped here for a short time to rest.


A village between two lakes – Vilkinis and Stirtos – in Veisiejai Regional Park. The Vilkinė river meanders through the village, connecting both lakes. This old village is located in a beautiful place near the Leipalingis pine forest.

Cross of Remembrance

Built in 1948 in memory of the fallen partisans of Puščia A. Radžiukynas, J. Leščinskas and A. Ramanavičius.

Commemorative cross

To honor World War I soldiers.

Farm “Augų ūkis”

Produces and sells various types of cheese: sweet milk, mould, fermented and matured. There are tastings of these cheeses taking place, where guests are told about the cheese path “from the meadow to the table”, showing the cheese farm and mould cheese maturing cellar. During the educational program “How cheese is born”, guests can make their own sweet milk cheese. Tel.: +370 61477838