The Curonian spit.

64. päev. Nida – Pervalka.

Praktiline info

Length: 18 km

Duration: 4 – 6 h

Starting point: Nida, Nida port

End point: Pervalka

Course of the route: Nida – Preila – Pervalka

Road surface: Cobblestones and pavement, pedestrian paths and beachside walkways in populated areas. Forest trails with natural surface elsewhere and sand in some places.

Difficulty: Easy

Obstacles: At high water (in early spring and late autumn), a short section of the trail between Nida and Preila may be flooded. Danger points: Be careful at the washed-out coastline as it can easily collapse!

Keep in mind! Accommodation needs to be booked in advance in the summer season.
In spring and early summer, various species of birds (such as the Common shelduck) nest in the Curonian Lagoon, therefore visitors are urged to be especially quiet so as not to disturb the birds during nesting and feeding. 

Alternatives: The section can also be hiked along the sandy beaches lining the Baltic Sea.