The Curonian spit.

64. päev. Nida – Pervalka.

ACC CMPMajutus

H Campsite "Nida"

Tel.: +370 68241150

Suites ''Kopa''

In Pervalka, tel.: +370 61184244


 In Pervalka, tel.: +370 61184244

Guest house ''Dainava"

Tel.: +370 65907181

Leisure Suites

Tel.: +370 69820472

Guest house “Baltija”

Tel.: +370 65796990

FSR Toitlustus

Café “Sakutis”

In Nida, tel.: +370 46952557

H Outdoor Café “Kaštonas”

In Nida, tel.: +370 60796609

Café “Kuršis“

In Nida, tel.: +370 46952804

Café "Kuršmarių Vila"

In Preila, tel.: +370 68556317

Café “Lyra”

In Preila,  tel.: +370 61246447

Snack Bar and Pub “Vėjopačio Užgaida”

In Pervalka, tel.: +370 65690604

Pizzeria "La Pervalga"

Tel.: +370 65666265

Café "Marių Akis"

Tel.: +370 61536306

INF Turismiinfo

H Neringa TIC “Agila”

Nida bus station, Naglių st. 18E, Nida,
tel.: +370 46952345;

H Visitor Center of Curonian Spit National Park

Naglių st. 8, Nida,
tel.: +370 67100872,

Neringa TIZ "Agila", Busbahnhof Nida, Naglių Str. 18E, Nida,, +370 46952345; GPS: 55.30413, 21.00736

STO Poed


In Nida

Grocery store 1

 In Preila

Grocery store 2

In Pervalka

SRV Muud teenused

Public transport: The bus runs from Nida to Smiltynė every hour in the summer season (from 7 AM to 9 PM every day) and four times per day in the off-season. Please note that not all of the buses will take you to Preila and Pervalka.