Setomaa Region.

Section 21. Värska‒Ristipalo.

Practical information

Length: 25 km

Duration: 8-10 h

Starting point: Värska by Setomaa Tourist Information Point

End point: Ristipalo by the Estonian State Forest Management (RMK) Office

The course of the route: Värska‒Laossina‒Toomasmäe‒Varesmäe‒Võõpsu‒Ristipalo

Road surface: Paved road in Värska and the last 4 km of the distance; forest roads and trails, gravel roads.

Difficulty: Medium

Keep in mind! The only cafés are located in Värska and Räpina.

Alternative options: If you have travelled a long way, it is advised to take a day off and enjoy the Värska SPA and pool to give your body a break. The more active hikers can take a walk around the historical resort and the various trails in the vicinity of Väike-Rõsna.