Haanja Upland.

Section 18. Tsiistre‒Vana-Vastseliina.

ACC CMPAccommodations

Guesthouse “Tsiistre Village House”

More info: +372 57800992

Vastseliina Guest Apartment

More info: + 372 59021001

Guesthouse “Setomaa Tourism Farm"

More info: + 372 5161941

FSR Catering

“Neuhausen tavern”

More info:  +372 53030648

Open only from June to August.

INF Tourism information

Rõuge Tourisminfo Center

More info: +372 5032341 (June-August)

STO Shops

Dairy store in Nopri Farm
In essence, Nopri Farm Shop is a self-service shop where most of the local products are represented – farm produce, handicrafts, souvenirs, honey, soaps and body lotions made of Nopri farm yoghurt. You can enjoy the baked goods made on the spot (biscuits, breads, pastries). Naturally, you can buy our own fresh milk products at our farm shop – various types of milk, yoghurts, curd cream, cheeses, etc. Good to know: Here, you can explore farm life. You can visit cows and calves on your own, and order catering and a short tour of the dairy plant from the owners if you call ahead.
Shop in Vastseliina

 +372 7851081

RPL Resting area

Kirikumäe campfire site

Up to 2 tents are allowed.

SRV Other services

Public transport: Only 1-2x per day.