Veclaicene Forestland.

Section 15. Ape – Paganamaa – Korneti – Latvian/Estonian border.

Ape – Paganamaa – Korneti – Latvian/Estonian border Through the Korneti-Peļļi Furrow and the Paganamaa or Devil's Land

After leaving Ape, the Forest Trail winds through a hilly farmland landscape, then enters a dark forest massive, occasionally interrupted by the blue surfaces of lakes. After Peļļi, the Forest Trail moves down the same path as Peļļi trail, crosses the Latvian/Estonian border and winds along the shores of Lakes Smilšājs, Sūneklis and Ilgājs for 2 km on the Estonian side, known as Paganamaa (translation: Devil's Land). There it descends and enters the Korneti-Peļļi subglacial depression, one of the most impressive ravines in Latvia. The Forest Trail returns to Latvia at Ilgājs and, after a steep climb, takes you through a hilly area to the Drusku castle mound. The Forest Trail descends in Korneti. It is less than 3 km from the centre of Korneti to the Latvian/Estonian border. Features beautiful landscapes on the banks of Lake Lielais Baltiņš and Lake Mazais Baltiņš along the route. The section is located in the protected landscape area “Veclaicene”.