Haapsalu and villages of Coastal Swedes.

Section 48. Rohuküla - Haapsalu - Uuemõisa.

SEE Worth seeing

Ungru Castle Ruins (Ungru lossi varemed)

One of the most impressive Neo-baroque style buildings in Estonia was never finished.

Kiltsi Airfield (Kiltsi lennuväli)

An airfield built by the Soviet army.
NB! You must get a pass in advance to visit the airfield territory: 17 Lahe, Haapsalu, working hours: M.–F., 8 am – 17 pm.

N Pullapää Horn (Pullapää neem)

A place for swimming and a rest area.

A commemorative Sign to Czar Alexander III

The Czar frequently vacationed at Pullapää beach with his family.

N Pullapää precipice (Pullapää pank)

Several meters long and 3 to 4 m high. The precipice is situated inland, approximately 1 km from the current coastline.

Paralepa Lighthouse (Paralepa tuletornid)

The lower (58.934007, 23.482814) and upper (58.927698, 23.489201) lighthouse are located 802 m from each other.

N Peetri Stone (Peetri kivi)

A cultural heritage object and the place where Czar Peter I had a small accident when his carriage brushed against this stone in 1715 after a visit to Ungru.

Haapsalu Railway Station (Haapsalu Raudteejaam)

The proud station building, constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, museum and outdoor exhibition. +372 4734574

Rannarotsi Museum (Rannarootsi Muuseum)

Introduces you to the coastline populated by Swedes and their history in Estonia. +372 55623993

Tchaikovsky’s Bench

A commemorative bench for the composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky who vacationed in Haapsalu in 1867.

Haapsalu Promenade and Wellness House

The centre of the health resort with a historical promenade passing several monuments and attractions.

Haapsalu Old Town, Bishop’s Hillfort and Dome Church

An Old town from the 13th century. +372 5184664