Haapsalu and villages of Coastal Swedes.

Section 47. Tuuru - Rohuküla.

Practical information

Length: 19,5 km (the main itinerary) Lagleranna nature trail (return hike of 2 km), Topu Port rest area (return hike of 5,2 km), Pusku Port rest area (return hike of 1,2 km)

Duration: 7-9 h (the main itinerary, excluding the nature trail and the distances to rest areas)

Start: Tuuru, Altmõisa guest house, 

Finish: Rohuküla Port, paid 

Itinerary: Tuuru – Panga – Suure-Ahli – Sepaküla – Eigla – Rohuküla

Road surface: Roads covered in asphalt (mainly) and gravel.

Difficulty level:  (including the distance to the seacoast)

Obstacles: None

Dangerous places: Be careful when walking along the small country and village roads, as well as along the motor road and ensure safety. You have to be careful when crossing the Haapsalu – Rohuküla road (No. 9) after making sure it is safe to do so.

Good to know! The final section of the 1,7 km itinerary goes along the roadside (No. 9), which has heavy traffic during the arrival and departure of ferries, so it is recommended to take the bus going between Haapsalu and Rohuküla (> 20 times per day, bus timetable: www.peatus.ee, www.tpilet.ee). The bus stop is located in Eigla village on the Haapsalu – Rohuküla road.

Alternatives: When at the Port of Rohuküla, you can take the ferry to Hiiumaa Island (Port of Heltermaa) and to Vormsi Island. Ferry timetable: https://www.praamid.ee/, http://www.veeteed.com/.