The Vidzeme coast.

Section 26. Carnikava - Saulkrasti.

Practical information

Length: 20 km

Duration: 7 – 9 h

Start: The pedestrian bridge in Carnikava across the Gauja River, next to 

Finish: Saulkrasti Sea Park, Saulkrasti TIC

Itinerary: Carnikava–the Gauja River–Lilaste–Pabaži–Saulkrasti

Road surface: Asphalt, gravel roads, the Gauja River levee (lawn), occasionally sandy roads (near the banks of the Gauja River), sandy beaches, forest trails and plank trails on the Sunset Trail. As you approach Saulkrasti, there is also fine gravel.

Difficulty level: 

Obstacles: The small Starpiņupīte River, which you can wade across during low water, but after strong rains you have to take the detour to the A1 road. It is planned to build a pedestrian bridge across the small Lilaste River next to the sea. The Inčupe River and the Pēterupe River can be crossed via a bridge.

Dangerous places: It is dangerous to wade and swim in the Gauja River and its estuary (the current, silt and shallow places alternating with deep ones). A former Soviet military site is located in the dunes between the mouth of the Lilaste River and Bātciems village.

Good to know! There are no catering companies on the beach between Carnikava and Saulkrasti. You should avail yourself of binoculars for bird watching. A nudist beach is located before Saulkrasti.

Alternatives: The mouth of the Gauja River next to the sea can be crossed by raft (12 people, to be booked in advance, for an additional fee): +371 29214438. After passing the mouth of the Inčupe River, the main itinerary goes through the Sunset Trail, but the distance can be covered via the beach.