The Curonian spit.

Section 65. Pervalka – Juodkrantė.

Practical information

Length: 18 km

Duration: 4 – 6 h

Starting point: Pervalka

End point: Juodkrantė port

Course of the route: Pervalka – Juodkrantė

Road surface: Sandy beaches, single-track forest trails, paved pedestrian/cyclist lanes. Pavement and cobblestones in populated areas.

Difficulty: Easy

Keep in mind! Accommodation needs to be booked in advance in the summer season.
Visitors must stay exclusively on the established trails in the Nagliai Nature Reserve. The territory of the Natural Reserve can only be crossed on the pedestrian/cyclist lane or the wave-washed (wet) beach, going out onto the beach at Pervalka and ending up at Juodkrantė. Services are available in Pervalka and Juodkrantė.

Alternatives: From Pervalka, it is recommended to take the circular nature trail (4–5 km) along the coast of the Curonian Lagoon to Horse Cape, which offers amazing views of the Nagliai Dune and the rest of the nature reserve consisting of sandy dunes. Without reaching the Nature Reserve, turn back and take another trail through the forest, returning to Pervalka.