Baltic Coastal Hiking trail - Jūrmala and Rīga

Jūrmala and Rīga

The most popular resort city and the capital of Latvia
Jūrmala – Vecāķi: 84 km, Day 21 – Day 24
This section of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route goes through the resort city Jūrmala and the capital of Latvia, Riga. In Jūrmala, sandy beach stretches along the coast, but hikers may go through the centre of Jūrmala and see Jomas iela. This city is liked by summer holidaymakers and has a lot of SPA hotels, cafés and live music on summer evenings. Jūrmala is characterized by unusual wooden architecture in the historic seasonal dwelling area and also by mansions and villas built in the modern era. The coastal dune forests are permeated with a dense web of trails suitable for walking and stick-walking. Jūrmala and the forests of the Pierīga region on the outskirts of the capital are separated by the Lielupe River. To get from Priedaine to Riga, go through the Kleisti forest roads and trails and take the suburban streets to reach the Daugava River which you will have to cross to get to the very heart of Riga: the Town Hall Square. You can walk through Riga on foot and get to know different neighbourhoods located in the city or you can use public transport, namely train or bus.

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ESection 21. Ragaciems - Dubulti.

The Historic Resort of Jūrmala

In Ragaciems village, you can clearly see the whole length of the Jūrmala coast. The first third of this day's itinerary is part of the Ķemeri National Park where you can get to know historic fishing villages, the Ragaciems village fishing area with net huts and a fish market, dune habitats, as well as watch birds in the estuary of the Starpiņupe River. Starting from Jaunķemeri to Dubulti, the walk takes you across the widest sandy beach of the Gulf of Riga through the historic resort in Jūrmala and the longest city in Latvia. Keep in mind that on warm and sunny summer days there will be a lot of beachgoers.

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ESection 22. Dubulti - Lielupe - Bulduri.

The Most Popular Beaches in Latvia

The widest sandy beach of the Gulf of Riga stretches from Dubulti to the Lielupe River. It is the main asset of the Jūrmala resort offering many beach cafés and different recreational possibilities. The coastal dune forests are permeated with a dense web of trails suitable for walking and stick-walking. The part of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route located between the beach of the Lielupe River and Jūrmala beach is part of the Ragakāpa Nature Park. From here, you can easily get back to Bulduri by taking Bulduri prospekts and the 5th line.

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MSection 23. Bulduri - Riga City Center.

Through the Forests To Riga

The itinerary is an alternative way to get from Jūrmala to Riga by going through the forest. After passing the bridge across the Lielupe River, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route snakes through Priedaine with its wooden buildings, goes along the right bank of the Lielupe River, then turns towards the Southern part of Bolderāja Dune and crosses Kleisti forest past Lāčupe Cemetery. Next, it goes along the historic roads of Pārdaugava on the West bank of the Daugava River, namely, Buļļu and Daugavgrīvas iela, through Dzegužkalns Hill, passing the Zunda Canal and Āgenskalns bay until reaching the Daugava River, which the route crosses via the Stone bridge and then stops at Town Hall Square.

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MSection 24. Riga City Center - Vecāķi.

Riga Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage site

Initially, the itinerary takes you on a small stroll around Riga City Center, Riga Old Town, leads along the City Canal through Kronvalds Park, via Alberta iela (Art Nouveau buildings) and further on via Miera iela through the Lielie kapi Cemetery, via Kokneses and Ostas prospekts through Mežaparks and then it reaches Jaunmīlgrāvis and crosses Mīlgrāvis . Then it meanders along Vecāķu prospekts up to Ziemeļblāzma and the banks of the Old Daugava River (Vecdaugava) separated by only a couple of kilometers from Vecāķi. After a two-day hike through Riga, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route leads you out to the beach again.