Šiaurės Estijos pakrantė.

Atkarpa 50. Püünsi‒Tallinn.

SEE Verta pamatyti

Viimsi open air museum

Authentic and historical coastal village.

Museum of coastal folk

The museum focuses on the multifaceted history and culture of Estonian coastal folk.

St. Jacob’s Church in Viimsi

This is the first and so far, the only Lutheran church built in Estonia since World War II.

Tallinn recreation area and RMK Viimsi nature centre

There is a permanent exhibition called "The Forest Has Might!".

Pirita beach

The biggest beach in Tallinn.

Ruins of Bridgettine Convent

In 1407 the largest nunnery in Old Livonia was founded here.

Victims of communism memorial

Dedicated to the Estonian people who suffered from Soviet terror.

Estonian History Museum – Maarjamäe Palace. Estonian Film Museum.

The palace and the surrounding park were awarded the Best Tourism Object and Development Award in 2018. Film museum provides an overview of the history of Estonian films and the behind the scenes of the world's film industry.

Tallinn song festival grounds

Unique in Europe, a copy of the song stage was later erected in Vilnius.

The Russalka memorial

Memorial to those who lost their lives at the Gulf of Finland on the Russian navy vessel called Russalka.

Kadriorg palace

The palace with its magnificent main hall is one of the most beautiful examples of Baroque architecture in Estonia and in Northern Europe as a whole.

Kadriorg park

The most outstanding palatial and urban park in Estonia.

Museum of Estonian architecture

The museum has a permanent exhibition of the models of the city, providing an overview of Estonian architecture in the 20th century.

The Naissaar Island

In the 11th century records referred to as Terra Feminarum (Isle of Women). The island, mainly covered by forest, has been a nature park since 1995. There is a 11 km hiking trail.

Promenade of the Reidi road

A new 0.5 km promenade on the Reidi road is equipped with numerous benches and offers great views to the sea.