North Estonian Coastline.

Atkarpa 40. Kunda‒Eisma.

Kunda‒Eisma Coastal fishing traditions and art in Karepa

After leaving Kunda, the Forest Trail comes out by the North-Estonian Klint and follows along its surface for the next two kilometres. From there on the trail often goes by the paved road with traffic. Be aware of cars! In the village of Toolse, it is worth taking a two-kilometre detour to visit the romantic Toolse castle ruins. Lamprey catching traps, which is a rare type of fishing in Estonia, are sometimes placed near the bridge over the Selja River. They are owned by the museum, located in a beautiful farmhouse on the right bank of the river, which can be seen from the Selja bridge. From Toolse to Eisma, the Forest Trail runs along the road, making a brief detour on a beautiful, rock-covered beach before Eisma.