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81. päev. Plinkšės – Žemaičių Kalvarija.

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Žemaičių Kalvarija

One of the most significant pilgrimage centres in Lithuania, included in the pilgrimage route of Pope John Paul II. Every year in July there is celebrated the Feast of the Holy Mother Mary Visitation, which gathers crowds of believers. This historic site, formed on picturesque mountains, emphasizes the link between nature and architecture, is rich in cultural heritage and natural values.

The Minor Basilica of the Visitation of the Holy Virgin Mary

The current church is the fourth to have been built in Žemaičių Kalvarija. In 1988, Pope John Paul II granted the title of basilica to the church. One of the largest Catholic events in Lithuania, the Great Žemaičių Kalvarija Festival, is held here every year. Tel.: +370 67420400

Monument to Bishop M. Valančius

The monument is dedicated to the memory of the greatest educator of the Lithuanian nation and cultural figure in the mid 19th century, bishop Motiejus Valančius.

Žemaičių Kalvarija Cross Road chapels

7 km long road for believers with chapels repeating the suffering of Jesus on the cross. Every year the Great Žemaičių Kalvarija Festival (Didieji Žemaičių Kalvarijos atlaidai), attended by thousands of pilgrims from Lithuania and abroad, takes place. The organization of the major church festivals began in the first half of 17th century after the construction of the first chapels of the Cross Road.