Žemaitija etnograafiline piirkond.

73. päev. Dengtiltis – Kurtuvėnai.

Kurtuvėnai Regional Park was established in 1992 to preserve the landscape of the lake-rich forested hills, natural ecosystem and the cultural heritage values of this region. Kurtuvėnai Regional Park is a kingdom of forests, including intervening fishing ponds and small lakes. The terrain of the park is hilly, so the land is not used for agricultural purposes. There are boreal (including large areas of western taiga), swamp forests, small wetlands and springs abound in the waterholes. Natural meadows of varying humidity have mostly survived in the eastern part of the park, in the Dubysa Valley. Dubysa's old furrows are also very valuable from the nature point of view. To date, over 1,000 plants and about 1,500 species of animals have been found in the park, but there are more of them (not all systematic groups have been studied). The Directorate of the regional park and visitor center is located in the buildings of the former homestead of Kurtuvėnai manor. Kurtuvėnai celebrates traditional holidays, of which Shrove Tuesday (included in the list of Lithuania's intangible heritage) and theatre festivals can be distinguished.