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59. päev. Panemunis – Birštonas.

SEE Vaatamisväärsused

Šaltinėnai mound

The mound dates back to the 1st thousand. The mound is surrounded on both sides by deep sometimes moist ditches.

Read more: https://www.visitbirstonas.lt/en/sightseeing-places/saltinenai-mound/

Siponiai Manor

 It was mentioned as early as the 16th century. One manor house has survived to this day.

House of People's Artist Rimantė Butkuvė

A unique museum surrounded by a forest, where you can meet the wood carver and see the angels created by her.

Birštonas observation tower

The tallest observation tower in Lithuania (45 m).

Škėvonys educational trail

Takas vingiuoja prieš 12 000 metų Nemuno suformuotu Birštono atragiu ir Škėvonių gūbriu, kuris yra saugomas Škėvonių geomorfologiniame draustinyje.


Skaitykite daugiau: https://www.pamatyklietuvoje.lt/details/skevoniu-pazintinis-gamtos-takas/4433

Mineral water “Versmė” buvette

Natural, real, non-carbonated mineral water, which can be tasted for free at the sanatorium "Versmė"

Read more: https://www.visitbirstonas.lt/en/sightseeing-places/mineral-water-versme/

Yellow buvette

Drinking water fountain in Birštonas. Tel.: +370 31965525

Vytautas Park

Here you will find the monument of Vytautas the Great and Birštonas mound.


The wooden architecture building that since 1885 has been adorning the Birštonas resort. It hosts cultural events and has a great restaurant.

Kneipp Garden

Based on the methodology of the German physician and clergyman Sebastian Kneipp, a garden was created to harden the body and strengthen immunity.

Mineral water pavilion “Birutės vila”

The closed building has a mineral water pool, fountain, water evaporation wall.