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Miško tako atidarymo žygis

Kviečiame kartu atidaryti net 2141 km per Baltijos šalis besidriekiančio Miško tako maršruto dalį Lietuvoje.

Žygio metu įveiksime vieną iš gražiausių Miško tako atkarpų, vingiuojančią tarp didžiausių Žemaitijos nacionalinio parko ežerų: Paplatelė – Plateliai:




The conference will highlight advantages of hiking in a more comprehensive meaning, presenting it not only as an outdoor activity or an alternative way of travel, but also as a tool to attract travellers, strengthen communities along the trails and foster local entrepreneurs, thus contributing to the prosperity of the society concerned. Panel discussion in the afternoon will invite to hear out hikers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania sharing their experience and exchange views on Forest trail and Coastal route in Latvia and Lithuania.



22. maijā "Mežtakas" pavasara pārgājiens no Snēpeles uz Kuldīgu

Pievienojies "Mežtakas" 21 km garajam pārgājienam 22. maijā, Mežtakas #92 posmā no Snēpeles līdz Kuldīgai. Ņem līdzi pārgājienu apavus, dzeramo ūdeni, rezerves zeķes un laikapstākļiem atbilstošu apģērbu. Gājiens sāksies no Snēpeles muižas. Lai atrisinātu loģistikas jautājumu, no Kuldīgas uz Snēpeli tiks organizēts autobuss, kas visus dalībniekus aizvedīs uz starta vietu.


Reģistrācija pārgājienam >>>
Dalība pārgājienā – bez maksas. Sīkāka informācija

The Pan-Baltic Hiking conference, 9-10 November in Kuldīga, Latvia

The Pan-Baltic hiking conference in November 9-10, 2021 taking place in Kuldīga, Latvia, will celebrate  the success of the Baltic Trails ( connecting Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with the European network of hiking paths as part of the routes E9 (Baltic Coastal Hiking) and E11 (Baltic Forest trail).

The conference will bring together stakeholders sharing experiences in planning, implementation, management and maintenance of long distance cross-border hiking trails. The keynote speeches will present experiences from the Baltics, Sweden and Norway. Presentations will be followed by Baltic panel discussions highlighting challenges and solutions in practical aspects such as local acceptance and support, benefits and sustainability of long distance hiking trails.

The conference will take place according to the national epidemiological safety measures. On-site for invited participants only: the project partners and others directly involved from the 3 Baltic countries, and the conference speakers. For all others we shall provide for a quality and active on-line participation in Zoom, where it will be possible to join discussions and ask questions, oral and written.  

The 2nd conference day will offer a 10km hike on the Forest Trail section No. 92, Snēpele – Pelči,  with a focus on trail management, meeting with the municipality representatives and trail managers. We shall follow the actual safety regulations and hope that on the 2nd day, it will be possible for all participants to meet face-to-face for the hike as an outdoor event. Fill in the registration and  wait for our confirmation!

The event will be organized as a hybrid – on-site (invited audience up to 50 persons, according to the current safety regulations. Participation only with COVID-19 vaccination or recovery certificate) and on-line. The conference working language is English.

Please register to receive the conference Zoom link!

>>>The registration is open until 27.10.21.
>>> Full programme (PDF).
The conference working language is English.

>>> Contacts and information:

This was the hiking festival in Lahemaa!


Thanks to everybody, who made the day become this amazing! It was the inauguration of the northern part of the Baltic Forest Hiking. Together with around 200 hikers from different countries, we celebrated the Grand Opening of the hiking trail with a 13 km long hike, speeches, good food, dance, and music. Here are some pictures from the big day. You can find more pictures from the festival on the following link: ALBUM


Matkafestival 4. septembril Lahemaal - Euroopa pikamaa matkaraja E11 uue lõigu pidulik avamine



Metsa matkarada on 2141-kilomeetrine pikamaa matkarada, mis moodustab läbi Baltiriikide kulgeva osa Euroopa kaugmatkarajast E11. Rada suundub läbi Leedu, Läti ja Eestiilusamate metsade, kaitsealade ja rahvusparkide. Matkarada saab alguse Lazdijai linnastLeedu-Poola piiril, läbib Riia kaudu Läti ning saabub lõpuks Tallinnasse. Matkaraja nimi onleedu keeles Miško takas, läti keeles Mežtaka ja eesti keeles Metsa matkarada.

Matkaraja Riiast Tallinna kulgeva põhjaosa projekt hakkab lõppema ning on aeg hinnataselle edukust, vaadata, mida oleme teinud ja jagada meie kogemust.

Olete 4. septembril oodatud Metsa matkaraja pidulikule avamisele ja u 13-kilomeetriselerahvamatkale Eesti põhjarannikul Lahemaa rahvuspargis. Läbime Metsa matkaraja 41. lõiku.


Pärast Vainupead jõuab Metsa matkarada Lahemaale, Eesti vanimasse rahvusparki.Järgi rahvuspargi reegleid ja käitu vastutustundlikult! Teekonnal viib metsa matkaradaläbi ilusate ja vaiksete rannametsade, kus sügiseti kasvab rikkalikult seeni. Rada jõuabAltjale, maalilisse kalurikülla ning sealt edasi RMK Oandu külastuskeskusesse, kusmatkajad saavad tutvuda metsa elupaigatüüpide ning traditsioonilistemetsamajandusviisidega.

Rohkem infot Metsa matkaraja kohta saab meie kodulehelt:


  • 10.30 - 11. 00 Kogunemine Oandul, kuhu saab jätta autod, bussid viivadmatkajad Vainupeale (20 min)
  • 11.00 - 12.00 Kogunemine Vainupeal. Külakohvik, ekskursioon kirikusse,tervitused, registreerimine.
  • 12.00 Vainupea-Oandu matka (13 km) START
  • 13.30 - 14.30 Supp Mustoja lõkkeplatsil, u 6,7 km kaugusel matka algusest
  • 14.30 - 15.30 Altja kaluriküla
  • 15.00 - 16.00 saabumine Oandule, tutvumine kohaga
  • 16.00 – 18.00 Tänamine, Põhja-Eesti kohalik toit. Esineb Lahemaafolgiansambel “Uurikad”.

NB! Matkaraja avaüritusele on ühistranspordiga keeruline tulla. Majutus:

  • Oandul on RMK telkimisplats
  • Info ööbimiskohtadest: või

Palun registreeru matkale hiljemalt 28. augustil siin:




What is Hiker-friendly sign for travelers and tourism service providers?

Hiking tourists are in close contact with the region in which they are and find it particularly important to feel that they are welcome and understood. This emotion is primarily created by visual information such as information stands, directional signs, appropriate information materials, thematic books and guidebooks. Hikers are expecting to find necessary products at local shops, as well as knowledgeable and helpful people who want to assist them. The “Hiker-Friendly” sticker or label is an effective way of demonstrating that the target audience is welcome. The labels are well-known all over the world, and travellers who spot them clearly understand that their needs will be understood and that there will be someone who will be prepared to share valuable information. From now on, such a sign will be also throughout the Baltics - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The “Hiker-Friendly” sign is available to any service providers for tourists in the Baltic States that want to be “friendly” toward hikers and to offer the relevant services to the target audience. This may be a part of a certification programme, and the signs are only received by venues which meet the relevant criteria. The labels may also be used by responsible tourism organisations, with businesses being free to choose whether or not they want to post the label. In other cases, this can be the initiative of businesses as such.

Hikers and entrepreneurs can find the Hiker-friendly sign and criteria here: 

We invite in this autumn hiking enthusiasts to enjoy an active holiday in the Forest trail and other hiking routes to see the Hiker-friendly hospitality for themselves!

Shopping near the route

We have gathered together the information where there are shops near the Forest trail route, where you can buy small gas cylinders for primroses. There are hikers, especially long distance hikers, who take this equipment with them and prepare coffee, tea or a meal.

Information is summarized here: - in the sub-section "Useful advice".

Let the Baltic Forest trail hiking begin!


Forest trail is a hiking route that leads through the most beautiful forests of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We have opened the Mežtaka website with information for planning walks and hikes and invite you to go to the forest on the next weekend - first here, in the part of the Latvian route! We have opened the Forest trail website with information for planning walks and hikes and invite you to go to the forest on the next weekend - first here, in the part of the Latvian route!

The last km of the Forest trail is getting marked right now in Lithuania and Latvia. Still you can start your hiking adventures by using the descriptions, maps and downloadable GPX routes. The Forest trail is still under construction, so the information on the website may not be complete - for example, a photo or description may be missing in some of the intended languages. When planning a holiday trip in the near future, use the contact information in the descriptions to contact the service providers you need, such as accommodation, caterers, in advance and make sure they are working.

Each day of the Forest trail has a description - start and end points, how long the expected walk will be, what the road surface is, what will be worth seeing along the way. You can read more information about the most interesting and significant places, landscapes, nature landmarks ​​and see the photo, so as not to miss the views on the way. No less important - every day you can also find information on places to eat, buy water and snacks, and also spend the night. The description and map show which sections are suitable and accessible for shorter walks.

The total length of the Forest trail is ~ 2141 km. When the borders are open, you will also be able to enjoy the forests and open air of the Baltic States. In Lithuania, the Forest Trail crosses the Žemaitija and Dzūkija National Park, the Nemunas Loop Regional Park and Kaunas. The Forest Trail in Latvia crosses the Gauja National Park, the protected landscape area of Ziemeļgauja and Veclaicene. In Estonia the trail crosses the Haanja Highlands, the Land of Setu (Setom, and along the western shore of Lake Peipus to Northern Estonia. Further along the coast of Northern Estonia and the Lahemaa National Park Peninsula, to Tallinn. The Forest trail is an international part of the European long-distance hiking route E11.

Don't miss the most beautiful time in the nature - spring; let's go in to the woods!