Peipsimaa regionas.

Atkarpa 28. Rannamõisa‒Mustvee.

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Peipsimaa museum

In the museum you can learn about the life of the Old Believers, their church and cuisine culture and icon painting. Tel: +372 53745471.

Kükita congregation of Old Believers

The Church was built in 1740.

Mustvee Old Believers’ prayer house

The largest prayer house for Old Believers in Estonia, which can accommodate over a thousand people.

Mustvee Trinity Sole Religion church

The church operated there until 1957, after which the building became a flour and furniture store. In 1980 it regained its functions as a temple, but was placed at the disposal of the Baptist church rather than the Orthodox church.

Mustvee Old Believer’s museum

The museum exhibits items related to the life of the Old Believers. Tel: +372 7726445.

Mustvee Bethany congregation

The prayer house features stained-glass windows by Dolores Hoffmann.

Heino Lubja’s weight museum in Mustvee

The collection includes over 120 items related to different weights and other weights. Tel: +372 55650811.

Mustvee suspension bridge

The bridge with a load capacity of 15 tonnes was designed in 1931 and completed in 1934.

St. Nicholas church of Mustvee

The Orthodox church is unique in its appearance and dates from 1864.

Mustvee Lutheran church

The construction of the Neo-Gothic church began in 1877 according to the design of architect J. Maas. The church was completed and consecrated in 1880.