Veclaicene Forestland / Veclaicene miškas.

Atkarpa 15. Ape – Paganamaa – Korneti – Latvijos ir Estijos siena.

SEE Verta pamatyti

Ape Motocross Track

The venue of motocross “Vaidava Cup”.

Peļļi Trail

7 km long trail along 6 lakes, which crosses the Latvian/Estonian border twice.

Ilgājs–Naudas Rock Trail

4.5 km long hiking trail from Lake Ilgājs to Naudas (Money) Rock, under which, as the legend goes, Swedish soldiers buried a money box during the Northern War.

Paganamaa Nature Trail and Observation Tower

Located in Estonia, north of Smilšājs.

Drusku Castle Mound Nature Trail

3.5 km long arching trail.

Drusku castle mound

The steep south-western slope is located 90 m above the level of Pilskalna Lake (highest and steepest castle mound in Latvia).

Dzērves Hill observation tower

The 27 m high tower allows you to take in the scenery of Haanja Upland and spot Munamägi.

Veclaicene history depositary

Discover more about local history, humans and nature. 

More info: +371 29347398


Horseback riding and riding with a horse and buggy.

More info: +371 28382899

Lake Raipals Nature Trail

7.5 km long nature trail passing 3 picturesque Alūksne hillocks lakes: Raipals, Trumulītis and Ieva.

Mišu Honey Museum

Collects and restores antique beekeeping equipment and photos, researches beekeeping traditions.

More info: +371 26699005

Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt Ape siehe vorherige Etappe.