Kaunas ja Kaunase piirkond.

65. päev. Lampėdžiai – Kulautuva.

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Raudondvaris – a beautiful town in the middle of Lithuania, famous for its rich historical past, the architectural ensemble of the manor, surrounded by nature.

Kazys Veverskis (Raudondvaris) Bridge

A reinforced concrete bridge over Nevėžis near Raudondvaris.

Nevėžis river

The sixth longest river in Lithuania (209 km), the right tributary of the Nemunas.

Raudondvaris St Theresa Of The Child Jesus Church

The Church of Saint Thérèse of the Holy Baby Jesus was built on the foundations of the old church. Architect - Vaclovas Michnevičius.

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Vlado Dautarto atminimo paminklas

Paminklas rašytojui, eseistui ir dramaturgui atminti.

Šilelio dvarvietė

Archeologinė dvarvietė, kurioje gyventa jau akmens amžiuje.


Kulautuva received great interest back in 1929, when the first sanatorium “Poilsis” was opened here. In 1933, the status of resorts granted to the towns of Kulautuva and Kačerginė marked their golden age.

Raudondvaris Manor (Raudondvaris Castle)

One of the most impressive reborn Renaissance architectural monuments in Lithuania. The most striking traces in the history of the castle were left by its last owners, counts Tiškevičiai. Today there is a hall for representative events. Kaunas district museum is located in northern part of the manor.

Netoniai hill

Offers a great view.

Kulautuva beach

 Located next to the Kulautuva quarry, there is a beach volleyball court, a water board park, and a café in summer.