Kaunas ja Kaunase piirkond.

62. päev. Pakuonis – Vaišvydava.

SEE Vaatamisväärsused

Piliuona Chapel

The chapel is located inside the building, on the ground floor.

Trees the Twins

Two trees, oak and pine, whose trunks have grown together.

Dubravai mound

Dubravai mound or Barsukalnis is dating back to the first half of the first millennium.

Dubrava Reserve Area

The Dubravos hiking trail is laid on here. Tel.: + 370 37383071

Pakalniškės mound

 27 m high hill, from the top of which a panorama of Kaunas lagoon and Pažaislis opens. The Pakalniškės cognitive trail route leads from the mound to Girionys.

Dubrava arboretum

Dendrological collection, in which valuable local and foreign trees and shrubs are collected and stored. Tel.: +370 37383557; 61685232

“Vaišvydavos blindažas”

The surviving ruins remind of the construction of Kaunas Fortress before the First World War.