Dzūkija etnograafiline piirkond.

56. päev. Merkinė – Nemunaitis.

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St. Virgin Mary's Assumption church in Merkinė

The Gothic-Baroque church is considered to be the oldest in Dzūkija, it is mentioned in historical documents as early as in 1392.

Vaza house in Merkinė

The house where Lithuanian`s Grand duke V. Vaza died is one of the oldest heritage sites in Merkinė.

Merkinė Regional Museum

The current exposition tells about the history of the town. You can use the services of a guide. Tel.:+370 31039136

Merkinė cross hill

The largest memorial to Lithuanian partisans who died in the struggle for the country's freedom.

The Great Stone of Dzūkija

The ninth largest boulder in Lithuania.

Church of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Nemunaitis

Neo-Gothic stone church with a high tower. There is a plate on the church stairs marking one of the geodetic points of the Republic of Lithuania. Tel.: +370 68268176

Merkinė Observation Tower

26 m high landscape observation tower.