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51. päev. Lazdijai – Veisiejai.

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St. Casimir's Church in Kučiūnai

There are 15 churches in Lithuania named after St. Casimir, one of them is located in Kučiūnai.

Paveisiejai triple oak

At a height of 2 m from the ground, the tree branches into three trunks.

The sculpture park “Garden of Childhood”

The sculptures will especially appeal to the youngest travellers.

The town of Veisiejai

Located on the peninsula with its houses are very close to the water, Veisiejai is called the Venice of Lithuania.

Directorate of Veisiejai Regional Park

Located in the wing of the Veisiejai Manor house – the oldest building in the Veisiejai area. The exposition “Life Between the Waters” is especially important, because there are as many as 37 lakes in Veisiejai Regional Park! Tel.: +370 31856234

Veisiejai Manor Park

Founded in the 17th century. Its most important element is a circle of 22 about 200-year-old lindens.

Veisiejai ash

The second thickest ash in Lithuania.

Veisiejai musical fountain

There is a fountain with light and sound installations on Ančia lake, not far from Veisiejai City Park. Operates in summer.

Monument to L. L. Zamenhof

Veisiejai is considered a birthplace of the Esperanto language, and in honour of this, a monument bust of Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof has been installed in the city park.