Abava jõe org.

95. päev. Sabile - Kandava.

SEE Vaatamisväärsused

Pedvāle Art Park

Scenic park of environmental art objects with long walking trails. Firkspedvāle Manor houses an international artist's residence. Tel.: +371 29133374

Piltiņkalns or “Zviedru cepure” (the Swedish hat)

 According to legends, a Swedish general was buried here, and many hats with sands were brought to the hill. There is a toboggan run and a buggy track. Tel.: +371 26405405

Imula trail

The trail starts at the Imula estuary to the Abava. Its length is 4.3 km. Views of the Imula valley, Lanksēde Devil's Foot stone (Velna pēdas akmens).

The Kalnmuizas Castle

Kalnmuiza (Hohenberg) is a renovated castle of the Livonian Order which was built in the 15th century. In the 18-19th centuries the owners of the castle were the noble kin of Fon Bruken – Fok (von Brucken, genannt Fock), and during their rule the castle was constantly developing, a new owner mansion was built, as well as a variety of outhouses. The coat of arms of this kin has been preserved till nowadays. The castle is situated in an especially preserved territory of the ancient valley of the river Abava, next to a small river Amula. It is very popular with the tourists, and is situated in the proximity of various historical sights and places. It offers accommodation in single and double rooms, tent sites, event facilities.

The Devil Stone of Abava

The rock is not too big (2.1 m high, 15 m in circumference), but since the early 20th century it has been a popular tourist destination.  There is a lovely view of the Abava River valley from the rock.



Žvejų tiltas

Nebaigtas gelžbetonio tiltas per Abavos upę.

Kandavos muziejus, meno galerija ir amatų centras

Iš anksto susitarus, čia galima paragauti Kandavos gilių kavos. Tel. +371 26667031

Livonijos ordino pilies griuvėsiai

Išlikęs tik parako bokštas. Piliakalnio papėdėje įrengtas pilies maketas.