Abava jõe org.

94. päev. Renda – Sabile.

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Īvande river waterfalls

On the small tributary of the left bank of the Abava river, there are two waterfalls or rapids, Īvande and Valdāti waterfalls. They are protected geological natural monuments.

Wooden toy museum

Aadress: Kuldīgas iela 1, Sabile, Talsu novads

Tel.: +371 26542227

Sabile Synagogue and Town Square

Aadress: Strautu iela 4, Sabile, Talsu novads

Tel.: +371 27841827


Sabile Wine Hill

In 1990, it was listed in the World Guinness Book of Records as the northernmost vineyard, where grapes grow in the open air. Tel.: +371 27841827

H Sabile Cider House

Aadress: Rīgas iela 11, Sabile, Talsu novads

Tel.: +371 29470405



Sabile mound

From Sabile mound there is a wonderful view of the old small town. Especially beautiful at sunset.

Jeweler's workshop

Latvian craftsman Harijs Jaunzems introduces the work of a jeweler, ancient jewellery and the traditions of wearing it. Tel.: +371 29995605

Abavas beverages


The most northern vineyards of Europe have been historically located on the banks of the river Abava. The Abava river valley is a part of the historic Kurzeme region, which has always been famous for its skilful winemakers.

Today the new-school winemakers, Barkans family, are representing this region in the world of wine, and they have named their winery Abavas in honour of the fertile Abava valley.



Abavas beverages are highly regarded among experts both in Latvia and abroad. The winery produces sparkling beverages, fruit and berry wines, apple ciders, strong alcoholic beverages and Velvet series beverages.

The winemakers personally greet the guests at the winery near Sabile and share their experience in growing grapes, and also organize tastings for groups of up to 20 people. Period: May - September

Only with advance booking!

The programme includes strolls through the vineyard, tasting of various beverages, as well as an opportunity to hear the personal story of the winemakers about producing wine and growing grapes!

Address: “Rinkules Zeltiņi”, Abava parish, Talsi district, LV-3294

Phone number: +37126630022 or +37129125518

e-mail: abavasvinapagrabs@abavas.lv