Setomaa Region.

Atkarpa 21. Värska‒Ristipalo.

SEE Verta pamatyti

Värska Church

The church has an original iconostasis or icon wall and numerous beautiful handcrafted sacred items.

Laossina Village Chapel

Laossina's village chapel, is located in a medieval village cemetery that is still in use. Several medieval crosses stand behind the tsässon.

Võõpsu Village Chapel

This is the Estonian part of Setomaa's largest wooden tsässon, which some belive originally served as a barn.

Võõpsu Spray House

In 1928 a fire station was built on the Võõpsu market square.The station was used for storing fire equipment, and fire hoses were dried in the station's tower. Nowadays the station is used for exhibitions as well as community and open-air events