Northern Gauja Forestland.

Atkarpa 11. Spicu Bridge - Zaķi.

SEE Verta pamatyti

Zīle and Vekši Nature Trails

Located ~ 4.5 km from the start of this section. If you are travelling to the starting point or the end of the route by car, it is advisable to visit and explore these trails as well.

Ethnographic farmstead “Ielīcas”

More info: +371 29461673

Kokšu Nature Trails

2.7 km and 4.5 km long and well-maintained trails around the Lakes Zāļu and Dziļo.

Cirgaļi inland dunes

A magnificent pine-covered dune massif stretching across 30 km2. Some dunes are over 1 km long and 15–25 m high.

Cirgaļi observation tower

At the height of 27 m, the dunes offer a beautiful view to the meandering Gauja River and its tributaries, as well as surrounding forests and meadows.