Šiaurės Gaujos giria.

Atkarpa 9. Valmiera - Strenči.

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Remains of Riga Gate

The medieval (15th century) fortification fragment of the castle can be seen under glass panels. Its visual reconstruction can be seen on the adjoining house wall.

Valmiera St. Simon's Church

The construction of the church began in 1283, which is also considered the year of founding the town. The tower of the church features a viewing platform. Tel: +371 28472152.

Ruins of the Livonian Order Castle

13th to 17th century.

Valmiera Museum

Features exhibitions on the history of Valmiera and the surrounding area, other exhibitions, the herb garden of the museum. Tel: +371 64223620.


A fragment of the city defence system established in the 17th century. The wooden pavilion provides a magnificent view onto the Gauja River.

Kazu Rapids

Rowing slalom track.

Baiļu kalns

Ski slopes in winter, camping and event venue in summer. Tel: +371 29284119.

Z/s “Mazkalnēni”

Discover more about beekeeping, taste the produce made at the farm and take part in other activities. Tel: +371 29393630.

Bekuru Giant Oak

By the Gauja River at Jaunarāji, circumference 6.6 m.

Strenči tree nursery

One of the most advanced tree nurseries in the world in terms of seedling technology. Tel: +371 29395418, 29413952.

Gauja Bridge next to Strenči

Second oldest multi-span reinforced concrete bridge in Latvia.