Gauja National Park.

Atkarpa 8. Caunītes - Valmiera.

Praktinė informacija

Length: 20 km

Duration: 6 – 8 h

Starting point: “Caunītes”

End point: Valmiera, Cēsu street bridge over Gauja

The course of the route: “Caunītes” – Sietiņiezis – Valmiera bypass – Jumaras street – Leona Paegles street – “Dzelzītis” – Plostnieku street

Road surface: Small forest or country roads, trails, gravel roads, paved roads and sidewalk in Valmiera and the surrounding area, paths and wooden staircases in the Sietiņiezis Nature Trail.

Difficulty: easy

Danger points: Swimming in Gauja River can be dangerous! Be careful on the narrow and winding road around Jumara!

Keep in mind! There are no shops on the two-day walk between Cēsis and Valmiera.

Alternative route options: It might be a good idea to combine this section of the trail with visiting some of the tourist sites in Valmiera.