Gauja National Park.

Atkarpa 7. Cēsis - Caunītes.

Praktinė informacija

Length: 23 km

Duration: 7 – 9 h

Starting point: Gaujas street in Cēsis near the bridge over Gauja.

End point: “Caunītes”

The course of the route: Cēsis (Peldu street – Dzirnavu street – Upes street) – water camp “Lenči” – Ērģeļu Cliffs – Pieškalni – Rāmnieki – “Caunītes”

Road surface: Small forest or country trails, gravel roads, wooden staircase at Ērģeļu Cliffs.

Difficulty: medium

Danger points: Some staircases and river slopes in the ancient valley of Gauja may be slippery in damp conditions, spring and winter. Be careful on the Ērģeļu Cliffs! Swimming in Gauja River can be dangerous!

Keep in mind! There are no shops on the two-day walk between Cēsis and Valmiera!

Alternative route options: If the hiker goes to the starting point of the section from the Cēsis city centre, then for those who prefer to shorten the section a little, it is recommended to go straight from the centre of Cēsis towards Pieškalni and Ērģeļu Cliffs along Lenču street. At Pieškalni we suggest hiking to the Ērģeļu Cliffs and back (+ 2 km) and then proceed to Rāmnieki. In this case, the length of the section (Cēsis centre – Lenču street – Pieškalni –  visit to the Ērģeļu Cliffs – Caunītes) is about 20 km.